Campaign Kickoff

Yesterday we officially kicked off our campaign for State Senate. What an incredible evening!

First, I want to thank our generous hosts for making this event possible. 

Senator Linda Chesterfield

Senator Joyce Elliott

ADBC President Debrah Mitchell

John Gaudin & Corky Patton

Alisa Blaize Dixon

Bridget Burton

John Binyon

Amber Boyett

Julia Mason

Kerri Michael

Caroline Jackson Morgan

Raul Fernandez

Emily Towe

District 13’s North Bar was filled with supporters who gathered to hear about the vision we have for our district and our state.

I have wholeheartedly believed in this campaign since I said “yes” to running a couple of months ago, and the energy in the room made me more certain than ever that we have a path to victory.

Important takeaways from our kickoff:

  1. We can win this race, but only together.
  2. Arkansas’s future is bright.

How are we going to make that bright future a reality?

We’re going to make sure every child in our state has access to an outstanding education.

We’re going to remove barriers to necessary medical care, including mental health care.

We’re going to address our foster care emergency with preventative policies, not just crisis management.

Only together. I’m rooting for us.

With hope and determination,

PS- As you can see, our campaign is off to a fantastic start. We need your help to continue this momentum and spread the message of Arkansas’s bright future. Will you take a moment to donate today? I’d be so grateful.

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