June Updates from the Campaign

Hi friends, 

It has been a tough past few weeks — especially with the Supreme Court overruling Roe v. Wade, our state legislature stripping away reproductive rights, and the national headlines about the economy looking more dire. 

It’s clear we cannot stand down or sit out this election. Too much is on the line. Races for state legislative positions matter now more than ever. Take the Roe decision as proof. The Supreme Court explicitly placed the power to restrict or expand reproductive rights in the hands of state lawmakers. I’m nervous about what this could mean for future cases they may decide.

We need lawmakers at the State Capitol willing to focus on what matters. Our families, our workers, and our kids are clearly in need. We cannot afford a legislature full of radical, partisan leaders unwilling to focus on the issues that matter. 

I still know there is a bright future for Arkansas though. It might be tough to see right now amidst it all. Our district right here north of the Arkansas River in Pulaski County can be the start of this brighter Arkansas. 

Allison with husband Andrew and kids Rosie and Beau

There is still good news about this district — it’s more competitive now than it has been in over 10 years (even after redistricting).

The great communities of North Little Rock, Maumelle, Sherwood, and Jacksonville make up District 13. I’ve known and loved these cities my entire life. I worked in my family’s restaurant in Jacksonville, and I grew up with family throughout Maumelle, I took my kids to preschool for the first time in Sherwood, and I’m raising them in North Little Rock with my husband, Andrew. 

There is still good news about this district — it’s more competitive now than it has been in over 10 years (even after redistricting). We are expecting this race to be decided by just a few hundred votes. Anything you can do to help us, whether it is donating once, making a recurring contribution, knocking on a few doors, or just sharing our message — it likely will make a difference in the outcome. 

I also want to be clear: I’m not asking you to do it all. I’m blessed with a team that is already hard at work. When I serve you and your family in the State Senate, I will work just as hard as we are right now. 

In June, we hit two huge milestones of the campaign: we held our first post-launch fundraiser and kicked off our field program. I know it’s early, but we are energized by the results of both. 

A photo of Allison with attendees at her recent fundraiser the Baker in North Little Rock
Allison with attendees of her recent event at The Baker in North Little Rock

At the fundraiser, at The Baker in North Little Rock, we heard from two political heroes of mine: State Party Chair Grant Tennille and the one and only State Senator Joyce Elliott. They both spoke about how winnable this district is — probably our best shot in Arkansas at flipping a state legislative seat this November. 

Allison speaking at The Baker, after Senator Joyce Elliott and Party Chair Grant Tennille spoke

So many friends, new supporters, and even my grandmother came out to the event, which far exceeded our fundraising goals. Thanks to everyone who made it special, including the wonderful women at PAWPAC who made an incredible investment in this race. 

Allison with members of her campaign team at a recent canvassing event
Allison with members of her campaign team canvassing in North Little Rock.
From left: Luke Frauenthal, campaign manager Sarah Henley, candidate Allison Sweatman, and Jacob Kauffman

Last Wednesday, our campaign took Park Hill by storm! We knocked on doors and talked to voters about the issues we know matter — education, health care, safety. In all the conversations we had, we didn’t hear one “I won’t vote Democrat.” Our message of a better Arkansas appeals across parties. 

Our campaign is going to be a bit different than others you might hear from this summer. I won’t ask you for a donation without showing you exactly how your support will equip us with the resources we need to win. You will see us at community events, you will hear from us online, and might even see us at your doorstep. I cannot wait for this phase of the campaign, and I hope that you will join us. 

With hope and determination,

PS- As you can see, our campaign is off to a fantastic start. We need your help to continue this momentum and spread the message of Arkansas’s bright future. Will you take a moment to donate today? I’d be so grateful.

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